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Sports Massage in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria

A sports massage at Martin Williams Sports Therapist in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, is targeted on the treatment of the soft tissues. The goal is to aid recuperation from training, personal injury, or to warm-up and relax just before exercising or a competition. It isn’t a brand-new speciality, and the methods employed have been enhanced through the years by different physical therapists including physiotherapists, osteopaths, and even medical professionals. Even so, these professionals usually do not have the necessary time to treat soft tissue injury and this is actually when a sports massage therapist is advantageous.

What Does a Session Involve?

Therapeutic sports massage techniques incorporate warming-up, relaxation, and getting ready for much deeper work. Along with rubbing, compression, longitudinal and cross-fibre friction, as well as tapotement, which is cupping or slapping for stimulation. A specialist could also use some other soft tissue methods such as stretching, myocardial as well as soft-tissue release, which are made to improve flexibility.

The Psychological Effects and Benefits of Sports Massage

The Psychological Effects and Benefits of Sports Massage

  • Improved Relaxation

  • Minimal Muscle Tension

  • Higher Range of Movement

  • Scar Tissues Improvement

  • Better Recovery by Raising Blood Circulation to the Affected Spot

  • Mitochondrial Development

Physical Benefits of Sports Massage

Greater Overall Flexibility

Massage expands muscle tissues in a multidirectional fashion, equally longitudinally and side-to-side. This may also have a comparable impact on the muscular sheath and around ligament, enabling the perfect release of stored pressure and stress.

Increased Tissue Permeability

Massage therapy leads to the tissue membrane microscopic holes to enlarge, enabling essential fluids and nutrients to go through a lot more easily. This allows waste material like lactic acid solution to be taken out easily and results in a situation whereby oxygen and nutritional requirements are swiftly sent to the target muscles, enabling a rapid recovery.

Improved Micro Blood Flow

Massage boosts the circulation of blood to the targeted muscle tissues in the same way as exercise. Furthermore, massage therapy also causes vessels of blood to dilate which allows fresh air and nutrition to be transported more conveniently.

Physiological Benefits of Sports Massage

Control of Pain

Combining stress and waste materials in a muscle could bring about the feeling of pain. Massage reduces this unpleasant feeling simply by its capability to minimise anxiety and get rid of waste products. In addition, it stimulates the release of endorphins.

Stimulates Relaxation

Therapeutic massage creates an environment whereby heat creation, increased blood flow, and improved flexibility are promoted. These types of features may play a role in stimulating physical receptors in your body and generating relaxation for the sports man or woman.

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